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  1. Kilty Softsole
    Kilty Softsole
    $42.95 USD
  2. Thunderbird Softsole
    Thunderbird Softsole Edit
    $27.00 USD
  3. Double Deerskin Softsole
    Double Deerskin Softsole
    $79.95 USD
  4. Classic Fringe Softsole Boot
    Classic Fringe Softsole Boot
    $46.95 USD
  5. Back Zip Softsole Boot
    Back Zip Softsole Boot
    $48.95 USD
  6. Two Button Softsole Boot
    Women's Two Button Softsole Boot
    $45.95 USD
  7. One of our unique offerings are softsole shoes, going all the way back to our Thunderbird moccasin. With our women’s softsole moccasins and boots, feet land on padded insoles well as supple leather or velvety suede. These high-quality materials are carefully crafted for a comfortable fit. The result is a flexible sole and a barefoot-like experience. 

    Softsoles are the shoes to pull on when you want to relax or add ease to your day. The flats are ideal to protect and warm feet while indoors, whether you’re lounging with a cup of tea, getting things done around the house, or entertaining friends at home. With stylish designs, they can also be worn for light outdoor wear if you need an option for a quick driving errand or something to slide on before and after yoga class. 

    Explore our varied selection. Softsole boots, like the Classic Fringe Softsole Boot and Two Button Softsole Boot, feature interesting details like fringe accents. Softsole moccasins, like the Kilty Softsole and Double Deerskin Softsole, feature classic moccasin seaming, stitching, and lacing. 

    Experience comfort on another level. Try out a pair to see for yourself how soft a shoe can be.

6 Items

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