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  1. Moosehide Classic
    Men's Moosehide Classic
    $82.95 USD
  2. Sheepskin Hardsole Moc
    Sheepskin Hardsole Moc
    $69.95 USD - $74.95 USD
  3. Classic Moc
    Classic Moc
    $63.95 USD
  4. Double Deerskin Softsole
    Double Deerskin Softsole
    $95.95 USD
  5. Camp Moc
    Camp Moc
    $59.95 USD
  6. Moosehide Weekender
    Moosehide Weekender
    $89.95 USD
  7. Classic Driver
    Classic Driver
    $62.95 USD
  8. Moosehide Driver
    Moosehide Driver
    $87.95 USD
  9. Sheepskin Moose Slipper
    Sheepskin Moose Slipper
    $94.95 USD
  10. Sheepskin Ankle Boot
    Sheepskin Ankle Boot
    $74.95 USD
  11. P.W. Driving Moc (The Original)
    P.W. Driving Moc (The Original)
    $190.00 USD
  12. Black P.W. Driving Moc (Color Accents)
    Black P.W. Driving Moc (Color Accents)
    $190.00 USD

    We use high-end leathers for a rich appearance and supreme comfort. Our genuine moosehide is supple and durable, while our natural deerskin is smooth and buttery soft. Take a look at our top-selling designs for modern shoes with ease and sophistication. The Moosehide Classic is lightweight and stylish, and the sleek Double Deerskin Softsole offers a barefoot feel and flexibility.


Items 1-12 of 19

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