8 Stylish Comfortable Shoes For Travelers | Minnetonka Moccasin

When packing for your traveling adventures, there are a few things to consider. Comfortable shoes are the most important. Here, we rounded up forgiving footwear for wayfaring, driving, and flying. Versatility is also key. Remember, the lighter you pack, the better! We included travel shoes that will be easy to mix and match with your packed outfits. Lastly, this stylish group will have you looking great in all your travel pics.

1. Extended Stay – Classic Kilty

For a getaway that’s a week or longer, you need a shoe with maximum possibilities. The Classic Kilty works for different occasions, whether you’re relaxing indoors, driving across country, or exploring a new city. With a classic design, you can pair the moccasin with jeans, leggings, skirts, or dresses. 

2. For the Car – Driver Shoes for Men or Women

Have a long drive ahead of you? Try the Moosehide Driver for men or the Classic Driver for women. The moccasin is made with genuine leather and features a flexible, nub-patterned sole to grip the pedals while you’re on the open road. With their rich look, you’ll be sporting them outside the car as well.

3. For the Car – Thunderbird II

It’s road trip time, and you’ll want a shoe that can go the distance. The Thunderbird II is soft and lightweight, easy to slip off and on as you make stops along the way. The unique style features the iconic beading first released in 1955 on the original Thunderbird moccasin.

4. Best For Airplane Travel – Kilty Plus 

With three layers of cushioning and support, the Kilty Plus is a lifesaver at the airport. Throughout lines, baggage claims, and long terminals, you’ll remain light on your feet. The moccasin is also easy to slip on and off for TSA zones.

5. Best Versatility – Anna

Free up room in your luggage by packing Anna. The versatile flat is one of the only shoes you’ll need. With its classic ballet slipper design, Anna can easily be dressed up or down. Fully lined and padded for cushioning, you can effortlessly transition from day trip to dinner.

6. Best For Exploring – Torrey

Torrey is a soft and comfy lined slipper boot. With the heavily-treaded sole, they are great for exploring. The stylish design, along with the ragg wool and suede exterior, make them stand out from other slipper boots. Take them out for a walk outside or on a guided tour of the city.

7. Cold Weather Destination – Everett

Everett is the boot to wear for colder climates. With its water-resistant suede and pile lining, feet will stay cozy and comfortable. You can wear them when lounging inside the cabin too! The fashionable boot is trimmed with faux fur and features a braided suede tie. Slide on over fleece-lined leggings or skinny jeans and you’re set.

8. Warm Weather Destination – Silverthorne Prism

For fun in the sun, pack a pair of radiant sandals. The Silverthorne Prism is available in several  trendy, bright colors. Because they’re water friendly, you’ll love them for a beach trip or if you're headed to a resort setting. They’re lightweight, easy to slide into, and look chic with shorts, swimwear, or sundresses.

Travel in style. Almost every destination will involve a large amount of walking, so comfortable and well-made shoes are vital. The selections above will give you the most out of your experience. Find more shoes for travelers here.